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The popular group "Number_i" was formed last year.
Last month, they released their first original song "GOAT", which surpassed 10 million views in just 3 days! It has become a big topic!

Their concert will be held at Tokyo Dome from March 14th to 17th ♥ You will definitely hear “GOAT” there!
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of wonderful performance it will be!

The performance on March 17th (Sunday) at 17:30 will be exclusively streamed live worldwide on Prime Video. You can enjoy it at home too! ♥

Today I designed Number_i UCHIWA!

Number_i UCHIWA Japanese fan
Let's go to a Number_i concert with like this cool uchiwa ♥

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★If you are staying at a hotel in Japan now, delivery to the hotel is also possible.
*This uchiwa is only sample.

Spread Japanese UCHIWA culture to the world!!
 FUN-CREATE overseas

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