MIX PENLa-PROⅢ STAR light stick

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It is a mix pen made by TurnON.

STAR light stick, Penlight, Concert Light, Cheering Stick, 30 Colors, Light Stick, Sparkling Type

Light sticks are an indispensable item for your favorite idol concerts, voice actor's concerts, and 2.5D musicals. It will liven up the concert and create a sense of unity.

Make your own sticker to stick on the penlight!!
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・Beautiful colors + super bright light + long lasting + convenient multi-function + easy operation
・Products subject to PL insurance: Products that have passed official tests for strength, impact resistance, toxicity, etc.
・Driving mode switching: 3in1 operation = ON/OFF 3-button type
・2 memory & custom function: number of colors & color order freely memory (up to 50 colors)
・Favorite color registration function: "Favorite color" lights up with one push from any color
・Driving mode switching: 3in1 operation = ON/OFF 3-button type
・Continuous lighting: 5 to 8 hours
・Deco Plate & Decor Ring: Just hold the sheet over → Easy original grip!

Auto-lock function = prevention of malfunction during use
"Auto lock operation" after 11 seconds while lighting.
Press the 1 or 2 button repeatedly to cancel.

Light emitting part: 119mm x H 108mm x D33mm
Total length: 206mm
Weight: Approx. 123g (including 6 LR44 batteries)
Approximately 33g (body only, excluding batteries)
Accessories: 6 LR44 type batteries (for testing), strap, instruction manual, 1 drawstring bag

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