Web deco light stick sticker for MIX PENLa



Recently, light sticks are an indispensable item for your favorite idol concerts, voice actor's concerts, and 2.5D musicals. It will liven up the concert and create a sense of unity. You can easily design the sticker to put on the penlight by yourself. In Japan, a sticker with the OSHI's name and image printed on it is attached to the light stick, and It is shaken in the OSHI's color. Not only does it shine, but the name of OSHI emerges in the light, so it stands out. There are 30 colors of MIX PENLa sold in our shop, so you can change it to your favorite color. You can decorate it in your own room and also enjoy it. It is also recommended to decorate your room with it along with a UCHIWA and a board.

'OSHI'=my fave(my favorite)

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M heart star penla images penla images how to put a sticker

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【M sticker】W81.7mm×H119mm

【HEART sticker】W107mm×H96mm

【STAR sticker】W108mm×H106mm

  • We will print on a transparent sticker. On Web deco Desigh Creator, the white part becomes transparent.
  • When using a color stamp or background other than black in the Web deco simulation, it may be difficult to see depending on the emission color when lit, so please be careful when designing.
  • Only the stickers for Turn ON mix penlights are sold here. The penlight body is not included.
  • This product is a sticker type that sticks the sheet directly to the outside instead of putting it inside the cylinder.
  • Please be sure to design both sides only for hearts and stars. However, if you want a single-sided design (same price as a double-sided design), do not design the back side and leave it blank in the cart.

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*The following products are stickers only. The light stick body is not included.