SixTONES uchiwa

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SixTONES released an album called “THE VIBES” in December!

They will be on tour in Japan starting in February.
The tour will be held at the four major domes in Osaka, Fukuoka, Aichi, and Tokyo!

Osaka / Feb.17-19
Fukuoka / Mar.9-10
Aichi / Apr.7-8
Tokyo / Apr.20-22

Today I designed SixTONES' album cover using a Japanese fan UCHIWA!
(Compare this with the real album cover)

SixTONES uchiwa

Let's go to a SixTONES concert with like this cool uchiwa ♥

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★If you are staying at a hotel in Japan now, delivery to the hotel is also possible.
*This uchiwa is only sample.

Spread Japanese UCHIWA culture to the world!!
 FUN-CREATE overseas

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