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I am telling you about essentials for Japanse pop star’s concert and Japanese concert Uchiwa!! You can express yourself to 'OSHI' by printing the name of 'OSHI' on the UCHIWA and shaking it at the concert. You also often send a message for 'OSHI' by UCHIWA. For example, if you convey your feelings to 'OSHI' with the UCHIWA which is printed a Japanese message "こっちみて!!(Look at me!!)", 'OSHI' may look at you and wave the hand to you. This is called 'FANSA' in Japan.
In Japan, everyone goes to an idol concert with a UCHIWA to get 'FANSA'. (Sometimes there are events where uchiwas are prohibited, so please check with the organizer in advance.)
Would you like to make your own UCHIWA and bring it to the concert?

'OSHI' is a Japanese word which used for someone's favorite thing including characters, singers, actors and so on

You can decorate personalised image picket in your own room and enjoy time watching dvd of your favorite kpop group with the uchiwa.  You can decorate UCHIWA with your 'OSHI' name and photo. it will motivate your feeling supporting your favorite kpop idol, jpop artists.
To use Web DECO all you have to do is  just use your mobile phone/computer, click the link and open a browser, then design it very easy. It is free of charge. You can give it a try! It is fun to design!

Just select your favorite background and insert your favorite photos, characters, and stamps! You can easily complete your own original goods! Just add it to your cart.

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uchiwa size
BTS uchiwa*These images are only for suggestion.


【Fan】W295 x H285mm(Fan sticker:W290 x H281mm) / Holding Part:135mm

【Fan's color】black

  • Sticker Only: Only a print sticker, no fan.
  • Single-Sided: This product has a print sticker on one side of the fan. (Back side is black)
  • Double-Sided: This product has print stickers on both side of the fan.

You can also choose to buy only a sticker to pur on a fan. We can make a personalised fan which is ready to use! If you like/need, you could buy several fans for different designs, giving presents for your friends and family and different occasions.


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