I designed “ARIGA THANKS GOZAI MUCH” t-shirt

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I designed “ARIGA THANKS GOZAI MUCH” t-shirt

Japanglish, a blend of Japanese and English, refers to the unique and often amusing way English words and phrases are adapted into Japanese.

•“ARIGA” comes from “Arigatou” (ありがとう), which means “thank you.”
•“THANKS” is the straightforward English word.
•“GOZAI” is a shortened, Japanglish version of “gozaimasu” (ございます), which adds politeness in Japanese.
•“MUCH” is the English word for “a lot” or “very much.”

So, “ARIGA THANKS GOZAI MUCH” is a fun, hybrid expression showing appreciation in a whimsical mix of Japanese and English. It’s like a linguistic handshake between the two languages, resulting in a phrase that’s both charming and slightly nonsensical.

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