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Last month, the song "B.O.M.B" from TREASURE's second full album "REBOOT" was released. It also became a hot topic when it reached number 1 on Billboard's "Hot Trending Songs" chart! Amazingly, they were able to do this with no promotion and just the power of their music!

TREASURE is now becoming popular not only in Asia, but also in South America and Europe.

TREASURE is currently on a FAN MEETING tour in Japan!
TOKYO DOME SPECIAL will be held at Tokyo Dome on November 12th!

Today I designed the UCHIWA with JUNKYU's name on it!


You can design your own UCHIWA!!
>> Click here

★If you are staying at a hotel in Japan now, delivery to the hotel is also possible. This uchiwa is only sample.

Spread Japanese UCHIWA culture to the world!!
FUN-CREATE overseas

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