Kyosuke Fujimaki's uchiwa, INI

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INI has been holding an arena tour for “Ready To Pop!” since last year!
They will be performing at KYOCERA DOME OSAKA on Feb.24-25!
I'm sure you'll be able to see INI's improved performance!
I get excited just thinking about it.

So, today I designed Kyosuke Fujimaki's uchiwa with a dog-like image!
He has a charming soothing voice! 🎤
I would love to hear it at the concert♪

Kyosuke Fujimaki's uchiwa, INI

When you're listening to his beautiful singing voice, it might be better to express your feelings with a uchiwa instead of cheering.

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★If you are staying at a hotel in Japan now, delivery to the hotel is also possible.
*This uchiwa is only sample.

Spread Japanese UCHIWA culture to the world!!
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