Japanese message uchiwa

What is Japanse message UCHIWA?

I am telling you about essentials for Japanse pop star’s concert and Japanese concert Uchiwa!! You can express yourself to 'OSHI' by printing a message of 'OSHI' on the UCHIWA and shaking it at the concert. For example, if you convey your feelings to 'OSHI' with the UCHIWA which is printed a Japanese message "てをふって!!(Wave at me!!)", 'OSHI' may look at you and wave the hand to you. This is called 'FANSA' in Japan.
In Japan, everyone goes to an idol concert with a UCHIWA to get 'FANSA'. (Sometimes there are events where uchiwas are prohibited, so please check with the organizer in advance.)
Would you like to bring a Japanse message UCHIWA to the concert?

'OSHI' is a Japanese word which used for someone's favorite thing including characters, singers, actors and so on