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In Japan, it is popular to post photos of TRANSPARENT UCHIWA on social media, including the names of Johnny's and Japanese favorite idols, and the names of anime recommendations. Of course, it is also recommended to bring it to a concert or event. It's smaller than JAPANESE CONCERT UCHIWA, so it's convenient to carry! If you want to have UCHIWA different from others, you should definitely get TRANSPARENT UCHIWA. (Sometimes there are events where uchiwas are prohibited, so please check with the organizer in advance.)

You can decorate it in your own room and also enjoy it. You can decorate TRANSPARENT UCHIWA with your favorite name and photo. It will raise you up.
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Just select your favorite background and insert your favorite photos, characters, and stamps! You can easily complete your own original goods! Just add it to your cart.

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The fan surface and handle will be shipped in the state before assembly. In addition, a protective sheet is attached to the surface of the uchiwa, so please remove it before use.

how to assemble

Peel off the sheet so as not to scratch the fan with your nails or thin objects. Align it with the hole (in any direction you like) and insert it firmly until it clicks.
* Depending on the delivered product, it may be quite hard.
* It is removable, but repeated use may cause damage or chipping.


Q. Can the background of the illustration be transparent?

A. If you use a transparent GIF or PNG file without a background, the background will be transparent. Also, with a transparent uchiwa, the finish of the white part becomes transparent. There may be some color in what you thought was pure white on the screen of your smartphone or PC. In that case, please note that it will not be completely transparent.

sample image

Q. What is the difference between a normal transparent fan and a white BG?

A. The normal transparent fan has a translucent finish, and the white BG has white on the back so that the printing can be seen clearly. In addition, the white part of the normal transparent uchiwa becomes transparent, and the white part of the white BG becomes white.

sample image

*These Images are for suggestion only.


【Large】W239 x H325mm(Thickness 0.5mm)

【Small】W150 x H225mm(Thickness 0.5mm)

Please use after peeling off the protective sheet on the surface.
Align the fan handle with the hole and assemble it yourself. * Depending on the product, the fitting part may be quite hard, so place it on the ground with a carpet or mat and put your weight on it to fit it.

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