SnowMan and SixTONES uchiwas

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Who are the popular idols in Japan right now?
They are two major boy groups, "SnowMan'' and "SixTONES", lovingly nickname "Snost".

An event sponsored by STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, to which these two groups belong, will be held at Tokyo Dome next month.🎤
The event name is "WE ARE! Let's get the party STARTO!!"
It will also be held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka in May

Today I designed "SnowMan" and "SixTONES" uchiwas!

"SnowMan" and "SixTONES" uchiwas

This fan is slightly larger than your face. It's very noticeable, so your message will be conveyed to your Fav😍

Please try making it with your favorite design (^^)

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*These uchiwas are only sample.

Spread Japanese UCHIWA culture to the world!!
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